Wandin Blacksmithing Group, Mont De Lancey, Wandin, YARRA VALLEY, Victoria, Australia. Workshops each Sunday in the grounds of historic Mont De Lancey Homestead

Wandin Blacksmithing Group at Mont De Lancey

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Draught Horse Festival

The annual Draught Horse Festival is on again in the grounds of Mont De Lancey 25th and 26th November. Come along to meet the Blacksmiths from 10am till 4pm each day and it's a great way to pick up your coke supply and tools


Classic cast steel blacksmith anvil available for pickup from Melbourne or Mont De Lancey Blacksmithing, Wandin. Price includes anvil block

$750 50kg weight 25cm x 9cm x 58cm
$1100 85kg weight


Our portable Blacksmith's Forges are made from a heavy spun base with removable legs for easy transport and storage. Designed to burn coke, but can be used with coal or charcoal, it's ideal for beginners through to experienced blacksmiths.

Our group travels with these to each event and use them throughout the blacksmith shed at Mont De Lancey

$680 includes 240V electric blower

Please note: Coke sales Sunday Only