Wandin Blacksmithing Group, Mont De Lancey, Wandin, YARRA VALLEY, Victoria, Australia. Workshops each Sunday in the grounds of historic Mont De Lancey Homestead

Wandin Blacksmithing Group at Mont De Lancey

What's New @ Wandin Blacksmithing Group

Welcome Back in 2017

After some much needed time off had by all, we're back for 2017. This year is already off to a good start with courses for term two filling up fast and we're seeing even more Blacksmiths on Sundays.

New Power Hammer to our Blacksmith Shed

Our newly installed power hammer is working perfectly. Recently put in place, the new machinery assists in knife making and heavy forging. That out smartens the smaller hammer in the workshop

Monty's TeaRoom

The historic grounds of Mont De Lancey, Wandin have their own art deco tea room now open Wednesday through to Sunday.

Please note: Coke sales Sunday Only